How To Buy The Best Gas Geyser For Your Home

A water heater or geyser is an important appliance in today’s time. Either it for washing clothing or for bathing, it needs to be a good geyser that lasts for several years yet does not have a high price tag. Thus, buying a geyser that meets all these requirements is surely a hectic work. That’s why we’re providing you all the information on geysers that you want to know before buying the right one.

Primary Feature

Heating technologies — the procedure through which the water is heated effect the operational costs of the geyser plus its maintenance as well. Many geysers have electric heating elements which heat up because of electricity passed through them. Aside from electric geysers, in addition, there are gas-based water heaters which immediately raise the temperature of water using a gas such as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and propane. Gas geysers require in order to be set near the LPG gas cylinders or be connected to a pipe gas connection. They are comparatively cheaper to use due to their instant heating feature.

Storage Capacity — Many geysers have the capacity of heating and storing it whereas others work instantly with 3-5 Litre tanks. These small water heaters are energy efficient and also prevent wastage of water. On the other side, storage water heaters may save 10-15 litres on an average though some can even store up to 30 litres. In case you’ve  a bathtub, you’d go for a storage geyser. Storage capabilities of 10-15 litres are well suited for a family of 3-4 members, while heaters with 3-4 litre abilities are perfect for singles or a couple. In situations when winter temperatures go below zero and water pipes freeze, instant heaters with 2-3 litre capacities can be useful.

Wattage/Power Consumption — Electric geysers generally work at 1500 to 2000 Watts A/C. Some manufacturers have enhanced their heating rates by increasing the wattage to 2500 Watts or even 3000 Watts at which the geyser operates. These draw immense amounts of power over short intervals. Geysers with greater distribution flow rates like 100L/hr may draw more electrical power than people with reduced supply flow rates. These parameters should be considered before purchasing the best water geyser.

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Secondary Features

Thermostat — be sure your geyser has a thermostat which permits you to control the degree to which you want your water to be heated.  Some geysers possess the performance of deciding on the power of the heating element in order to indicate the time necessary for heating the full tank volume. It’s necessary to keep in mind that the pace at which all water is heated depends on the initial temperature of the water, therefore a heater’s performance may differ from season to season.

Build and Material — An efficient geyser must have a strong rust-proof body, particularly for the storage type. Most geyser models available today are made up of enameled steel containers with Titanium, PolymerGlass or Glass coated on them. Steel-based alloys and glass are all used on the interior to provide proper insulation. These are less corrosive and keep their original surface for the long interval of time. The usage of magnesium rods in the center retains corrosive salts away. Some geyser models have copper chambers which function well in low-electricity supplies since copper is one of the best conductors of heat.

Dimensions and Body Design — The dimensions of water heaters have to be considered before installing one in your home. Long cylindrical geysers were common till a couple of decades ago, but now broader and compact sizes have come. Some manufacturer has increased their First-Hour Rates (FHRs) which means the amount of water that can be warmed in the first one hour of operation. This depends largely on the season and tank size. Bigger ones have higher FHRs and their heat retention capacities will also be greater, which increases the energy efficiency.

I just hope after reading this article now you will able to buy the best one for your home.

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